Words of Health

A human being is a human machine and like a machine, would run smoothly, without any friction, if every part was in its proper place. If every bone, every nerve and all the blood vessels, muscles, etc., were just right, there would be nothing wrong...

Disease is the effect or result of some part of the body being disarranged. To put them in their proper place would give the diseased person ease and allow nature to rebuild without being obstructed.

We do not go to the drug store nor ransack all creation to find a remedy. The remedy is in righting the wrong. The cause of the disease is in the sufferer, and the cause must be corrected...

If every part of the human body was in its natural place there would be no friction, no inflammation, no fever, no weakness...Why not remove the pressure, adjust the framework, and take the strain off those sensitive nerves?

- D.D. Palmer
The Chiropractic, 1899

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